This is the new website for TIRED OLD MEN based out of Woodcliff Lake, NJ.  All the information you need to know will be noted in detail in this area.  

We're a bunch of classic rock musicians who used to tear it up on stage but now we just get together every Wednesday night to jam it up in my Bergen county basement studio. It's a really good time and new players are always welcome.  At our weekly jam we go around the room taking turns 1 by 1 calling out a song selection so that each of us gets to pick the music he/she wants to do.  So with each lap around the studio you will get to pick a song and we will all play it with you.  Several friends and fans often come by to listen to us play.  It's a stress-free party-like atmosphere and a good time is had by all who attend.
Sadly, after almost 21 years in TOM Rusty, whom I consider the heart and soul of the band, has moved to Philadelphia and left the band.  He was my confidant, brother-from-another-mother, sounding board, political sparring partner ultra loyal supporter and all around good guy for all those years.  There can never be another Rusty, unfortunately, but his decision to move to Philly for family reasons shows his priorities are correct.  We have found a really great new addition, but more on that later.
Also leaving at the same time was Ron, our excellent and versatile keyboard player.  Since Ron's first TOM barbecue in 2011 he has been that missing link we needed in order to do many of the more complex songs we've wanted to perform.  Both of these guys are part of the TOM family and they will be missed by the band members and fans alike.  They will return for our annual Christmas party....with Flynn's sloppy Joes in hand!  
Come sit in with us some Wednesday night.  Note we have 4 smoke-eaters running all the time so smoking IS permitted at most jam nights.  It doesn't stink!

Be sure to check back frequently for updates and new information on TIRED OLD MEN !


Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Simon & Garfunkle, Eagles, Doobie Bros., John Cougar Mellencamp, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Who, Kinks, CCR, 3 Dog Night, Doors, Jimi Hendrix, CSN&Y, Traveling Wilburys, Elvis Costello, etc. plus whatever YOU pick.

Musicians in Band

Weekly regulars include the drummer (our host Al), 2 guitarists (Rob, Frank), a keyboard player (searching), a bass guitarist (Joe), a harmonica player (Howard), a sax player (Kenny) plus several other guest musicians who come less often including 2-3 more guitarists, singers, keyboard, bass, etc.  Nearly all of us can sing so we try to produce some really nice harmonies - 2 & 3 part and sometimes 4+ parts going on.  Horns, fiddlers, kazoos, etc. are always welcome too!


We have the following instruments available so you don't have to bring your ax if you want to use ours: electric 6-string guitars (Fender, Takamine, Gibson, Ibanez), acoustic 12 string guitar (Montana), electric 12-string (Danelectro), acoustic-electric 12 string (Fender Villager), bass guitars (Hofner, Fender P & J, Gibson, Dean 5-string), keyboards (88-key Kurzweil piano, Roland VK-7, a B-3 type keyboard), guitar amps (Fender, Marshall, Vox, Peavey, Epiphone, Kustom, Roland, Rogue, etc.), a 6-string banjo/guitar, mandolin, ukelele, 2 bass amps, 2 alto saxes, trumpet, trombone, a very large assortment of hand percussion, 9 vocal mics (Shure, AKG, Crown), 3 horn/acoustic instrument mics, harmonica bullet mic, 2 PA systems (vocals on Mackie board & 3 Crown amps.  Separate PA for horns & any acoustic instruments), 9 speakers (personal monitors for the band plus 4 powered mains for the listeners)....oh, and lots of cables!